Hovering Crane balancer
Simply lift weightlessly!

SchwebeKran-Balancer: universeller rein pneumatischer Balancer, automatischer Lastausgleich, selbsttätige Gewichtserkennung, ein Hubzylinder als Alternative zu anderen Hebezeugen (Hubachse, Linerachse, Kettezug, Seilzug, Seilbalancer, Seil-Balancer, Seil-Manipulator...). Er arbeitet mit Druckluft und benötigt keinen Elektro-Anschluss.Do you want to move loads at lightning speed or gently levitate them? This can be done ergonomically without bending down, intuitively without knobs and buttons and without the usual springing back!

Our hovering crane balancer is a new universal pneumatic hoist. You can use it to move loads precisely up and down with ease. You don't have to press any buttons - just hang in the hook and pull up slightly on the handles. Whether slow or fast, the hovering crane balancer follows your movements effortlessly and fluidly.

The pneumatic control recognizes the weight of the load and puts it in hovering suspension. It recognizes when the weight of the lifted load changes. For example, you can empty or load a container. If you want to block a picked up component, switch to balance mode. Now you can touch it directly and move it to the desired height. The floating component almost finds itself in the right position.

Our hovering crane balancer is ideal as a hoist in a light crane rail system (crane system) or on a jib crane. Its advantages make it a real alternative to the well-known chain hoists, cable hoists and tube lifters. With it, even a large indoor crane or a forklift truck with a crane boom becomes a gently lifting assembly helper. This means that you always have a manipulator with you, e.g.

Our hovering crane balancer works without electricity - compressed air is sufficient. It hangs on a piston rod and does not need a rope or chain. Its high quality components are lubricated for life for minimal maintenance.

Our hovering crane balancer can be used with a wide variety of pneumatic grippers, vacuum grippers, magnetic grippers (load lifting magnets) or mechanical grippers. Completely automatic gripper control can usually be implemented. Then the operator only needs to guide the balancer. This makes the hovering crane balancer an ergonomic alternative to the vacuum tube lifter.

The high dynamics and the intuitive and ergonomic operation of our hovering crane balancer ensure the best employee acceptance.


General function:

Hovering crane balancer: compressed air balancer video hover crane automatic load balancing manipulator

Function of weight detection:

Hovering crane balancer with automatic weight detection automatic balancer air hoist manipulatorhtserkennung selbsttätiger Balancer Drrucklufthebezeug Manipulator

Automatic pick up / drop off:

Hovering crane balancer manipulator automatic compressed air hoist tube lifter vacuum lifter suction lifter handling lifting automatic picking up / setting down

In many applications we can implement a fully automatic gripper control.

Use cases:

  • Loading and unloading of processing machines
  • Stacking of sacks
  • Food palletizing
  • Clearing of cutting systems
  • Assembling
  • vehicles, ...
  • ...

Column slewing crane / slewing crane with hovering crane balancer at the workplace (instead of chain hoist, lifting axis, cable hoist, lifter, lifting cylinder,...)       Hovering crane balancer as an assembly helper for industrial assemblies (instead of cable winch, block and tackle, hoist winch,...)



  • extra fast lifting automatic gripper control possible*
  • intuitive operation without levers and buttons*
  • no bending down* / ergonomic operation thanks to high handle tubes
  • very low operating force
  • minimal maintenance no rope -> no rope wear
  • Various weights can be balanced without presetting (weight recognition)
  • gentle picking up and putting down possible (Lifting force is continuously changed depending on the operator)
  • significantly cheaper than electric balancers
  • all cables under cover, only the connection cable is exposed*
  • simple, robust, compact, light, fast and low-maintenance thanks to pneumatics
  • quiet, sound level < 70 dBA
  • Duty cycle 100% thanks to pneumatics
  • low installation effort "hang up - plug in - done"
  • clean and environmentally friendly due to oil-free compressed air supply
  • no oil changes

*depending on the design of the load handling device / gripper


Application example:

Loading a washing machine with the help of a pneumatic suspension crane balancer (instead of chain hoist, lifting axis, manipulator,...) with crate gripper.

At mechanical engineering supplier Roland Erdrich GmbH in Oppenau, washing baskets with CNC parts are placed on a feed track. The balancer creates ergonomic working conditions and enables a smooth and rapid workflow - an investment in health and rationalization.


Special guide handles:

The guide handle can be individually adapted to your conditions and later easily changed or adjusted at any time. This is possible because there are no sensors in the handle. We usually use a modular system made of aluminum tubes for this. Buttons for operating a gripper can also be arranged on the handle.

Hovering crane balancer with special guide handle made of aluminum system profiles



Typical fields of application:

  • Loading and clearing of laser cutting systems, flame cutting systems,...
  • Loading and unloading of machine tools, CNC machining centers, food processing machines, chemical plants,...
  • Stacking and unstacking of containers, barrels, buckets, blister packs, KLT, canisters, pallets, boxes, coils, round material, plates,... 
  • Rotating, swiveling, tilting, emptying containers,...
  • Assembly in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, heating technology, air conditioning technology, device construction, electrical engineering, household appliance industry,...
  • Transport, logistics and distribution



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