Stack and sort pallets
quickly and easily

The manual pallet handling system (pallet manipulator) consists of a column swivel, a pneumatic belt hoist and a special pallet gripper for Euro pallets.

The experiences of our customers shows that sorting of approx. 1,400 Euro pallets per shift and device can be achieved. With a purely manual sorting, 800 to 1,000 wooden pallets per shift were usually moved by hand.


Euro pallets can be quickly and easily lifted, checked, sorted and stacked up to 17 high. There is no provision for turning the pallets.

The crane has a lightweight aluminum boom. With a moderate jib length (e.g. 3.0m jib length for a working radius of up to 2.7m), the displacement forces for the operator are very low and fast, fatigue-free work is possible. If it can be ensured that work is primarily done in the outer radius of the boom, much larger working radii (e.g. 7.0m boom length for a working radius of up to 6.7m) can also be achieved. Greater displacement forces then occur when used close to the column (inner radius).

The pallet manipulator is lifted by a robust pneumatic belt hoist with up/down control. This allows a high lifting speed to be achieved with the least amount of effort for the employee.

The pallet gripper is guided on a pivoting handle to avoid bending and stretching. The handle has a support spring.

The column swivel of the pallet lifter can be anchored directly to the concrete floor with heavy-duty anchors or can also be designed to be mobile for transport using a pallet truck or forklift. The figure below shows a pallet manipulator that can be transported using a forklift or pallet truck. For transporting the manipulator by truck, the height of the column can be adjusted using a hand crank. In the lowest position, the overall height is reduced to less than 2.5m. This makes cost-effective transport possible with a standard truck. In order to be able to move the manipulator with the help of a simple hand pallet truck, the ballast weights in the base plate were designed to be removable. If these weights are removed, the weight of the crane (without the grab) is reduced to under a ton.


Lift, check, sort and stack pallets very quickly and easily. Lifting is much faster with the pallet jack than by hand, with a pallet truck or forklift. With this crane, up to 17 Euro pallets can be stacked on top of each other. The manipulator has a very fast-running conveyor belt and a simple pallet gripper for picking up the Euro pallet (wooden pallet).

In the video ( ) you can see the pallet manipulator without hydraulic damping in a test run. Additional adjustable dampers significantly reduce the after-blow of the stroke. This makes the controls very easy to master.

In addition to being designed as a column swivel, the pallet lifter can also be integrated into a light crane system. Due to the lower moving masses, the handling becomes even smoother.

The pallet lifter is not only suitable for sorting pallets, it can also be used at work stations to repair defective pallets.

Pallet lifter for sorting, stacking and viewing Euro pallets. Crane in pallet warehouse, pallet lift, fast high lifting.


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